Storm and Screen Repair
Bring in your broken windows or torn screens to our service department to have the expert installers at Les's Glass make the needed repairs. We can also remove your old clear glass and replace it with one of several available obscure styles as a decorative touch or a feeling of privacy to any window. If you are missing storm windows or screens Les's Glass will fabricate stationary replacements to fit your openings. There are several different sash finishes available.


Decorative Door Glass - NEW
Turn plain doors in your home into beautiful focal points!

Fill the entrance of your home with the warmth and beauty of natural light by turning that ugly door into a thing of beauty.

Our energy efficient insulated art glass can be easily installed into your existing exterior or interior doors.

Choose either a standard or custom design to create a look and feel you will love. By using beveled and textured glasses, we can create both privacy and beauty to enhance your personal style.

  Don't forget about energy efficiency income tax credits of 10% of the cost, up to $200 on insulated glass upgrades.

Leaded Glass Repair
At Les's Glass Service we can take care of all your leaded glass repair needs. Lamp fixtures, windows, cabinet doors, or hanging art work can all be repaired. We will match and replace glass as well as reapir damaged channeling. Nothing is out sourced at Les's Glass. We do all our leaded glass repair either in our shop or at the jobsite.

Insulated Glass Replacement
Our many shop services include the ability to install insulating unit replacements at the store instead of out on the road. The customer is required to bring the window in to have one of our expert installer's measure the unit, the unit is then ordered from our manufacturer. When the insulating unit replacement comes in, we call the customer to let them know it is ready for installation. The customer then brings the window back to have the unit installed in one day service. We require the window be brought in before 9:00 a.m. and it is ready for pick-up after 4:30 p.m. The units installed by Les's Glass Service installers carry a 10 year warranty against seal failure from the manufacturer.



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